Why are the Chinese coming?

With record numbers of Chinese visitors arriving in Australia, it begs the question – why here? We all know Australia has “boundless plains to share” and a rich array of beautiful wildlife and natural scenery. But what exactly is it about Australia that is so appealing to the Chinese? According to Tourism Australia research, when asked to nominate their top 5 most important factors when choosing a holiday destination, Chinese tourists responded as follows:

motivating factors for chinese holiday destination choices

To make sense of these numbers, what this means is that almost half of Chinese tourists rate “safety and security” and “world class nature” as one of their 5 main motivating factors when choosing a holiday destination, while over 40% rank “good food and wine” and “aquatic and coastal” sights as in their top 5.

The key take-away then is that regardless of what your tourism business is, you should try to emphasise in your marketing how this aligns with the motivations and interests of Chinese tourists. Ideally, try and address at least 3 of the top 5 factors in all your promotional materials.

This post could also be titled “Why are more Chinese not coming?”, because for all the records that are being broken, the fact is that according to research conducted by Tourism Australia, Australia is:

  • 1st for aspiration;
  • 1st for awareness; and
  • 1st for intention to visit,

for Chinese travellers, however when it comes to converting this into actual visitation, Australia falls to 10th place – with countries such as USA, Germany and Russia all ahead of us.

From this information, it should be obvious that Australia has in bucket-loads all the features to be a top destination for Chinese outbound travel, and this is reflected in the year-on-year strong growth in the number of Chinese tourists visiting our shores. However, we could and should be doing a lot more to attract Chinese tourists to Australia, rather than places like the USA, Germany and Russia.

So, how can you play a part? Easy! The first step is to put out the welcome mat for Chinese tourists at your hotel or business and start making some small changes to better cater for your Chinese guests. And importantly, think about the why – why are Chinese travellers choosing to come all the way to Australia? What are they looking for when they arrive and stay here, and how can you help them enjoy their time here?

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