China Ready Now Round-Up (20 November 2017)

Welcome to this fortnight’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

Here are the 8 top stories I’ve been following.

  • Firstly, a bit of self promotion. Last week I was interviewed by Alan Kohler on Chinese tourists and in particular, what Australian listed-businesses and industries are benefitting from increased visitation from China. You can have a listen to our chat here (a 7-day free trial is available, then fast forward to the 19 minute mark).
  • Also last week I attended the launch of the Australia-China Business Council and LEK report on the “China Tourism Economy“. I’ve previously highlighted some statistics from that report, but one aspect that I want to touch on today is the role of Chinese international students. But first, look at this graph.

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I hope you enjoyed this edition of the China Ready Now Round-Up. For more updates during the week on Chinese tourism trends and how to attract Chinese tourists, follow me on LinkedIn.

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