China Ready Now Round-Up (31 October 2017)

Welcome to this fortnight’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

Here are the 8 top stories I’ve been following.

  • Firstly, 2017 marks 50 years since Australia was first promoted as a tourism destination. Back in 1967, when Harold Holt established the Australian Tourist Commission, we received just 222,000 international tourists visited Australia who spent $74 million. Compare that to last year – we received over 8 million visitors, who spent more than $40 billion. And over 1 million of those visitors were Chinese, spending some $9.2 billion. Meanwhile, every dollar spent on tourism generates 81 cents in other parts of the economy. 
  • While tourism’s $40 billion contribution to the economy may only represent one quarter of the export earnings of the minerals and energy industries combined, the industry is being buoyed by some powerful growth drivers – China being one of them. For instance, while one in 3 Australians travelled abroad last year, only 1 in 10 Chinese citizens can say the same thing, so it isn’t hard to imagine those visitor numbers may triple in the coming years. Exciting times!
  • Three years ago, Wendy Mann employed a Chinese worker to help with some social media marketing for her charter flights company in Geraldton, Western Australia. At the time, Wendy’s company flew just 16 Chinese tourists for the whole 12 months. Now? She flew over 500 Chinese tourists in just the past 3 weeks. Read more here – what a great story!
  • A big part of Wendy’s success has to do with Chinese tourists looking for something unique compared to the mainstream destinations such as Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. This is particularly true for younger travellers, as Dragon Trail elaborated on in their recent webinar. Watch it online here.

  • Big congratulations to Sydney-based Cozitrip, who recently raised $2 million for their B2B travel platform. Their platform makes it easier for Chinese travel agents to make bookings at hotels in Australia and New Zealand. The platform focuses on group bookings.
  • Sydney has recently welcome the seventh Chinese airline to operate direct flights into the city, with Beijing Capital Airlines commencing flights from Qingdao. Chinese tourists can now fly direct to Australia from 18 different mainland cities, many of these being second or even third-tier cities.
  • I always think it is important to stay abreast of developments with Ctrip, as it is an absolute behemoth in Chinese travel. The latest partnership Ctrip has entered is with VizEat, which offers “original and authentic culinary experiences” with 25,000 hand-picked local hosts in over 130 countries.
  • In the last Round-Up, I mentioned the ACBC report on Chinese tourism in Australia which contained some lofty predictions (eg 3.3 million Chinese tourists per yer by 2026). I really do urge you to have a read of the report as there is so much more to it than just that – particularly the warning that Australia should not take the market for granted as just about every other country in the world is also vying for the wallets of Chinese travellers. To find out more, get along to ACBC’s launch events in Sydney and Brisbane.

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I hope you enjoyed this edition of the China Ready Now Round-Up. For more updates during the week on Chinese tourism trends and how to attract Chinese tourists, follow me on LinkedIn.

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