China Ready Now Round-Up (15 October 2017)

Welcome to this fortnight’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

Here are the 8 top stories I’ve been following.

  • Since China introduced the 2-child policy (or rather, broadened it) at the start of 2016, there has been a rise in family travel, both within China and abroad. That is leading to a windfall for businesses such as Airbnb and its competitors, as more Chinese travellers choose to stay in homes, rather than hotels.
  • Meanwhile, one of Airbnb’s biggest Chinese competitors, Tujia, just raised a further $300 million (paywall), valuing it at $1.5 billion.
  • Are China’s Golden Weeks, the week-long holidays celebrating Chinese New Year (January/February) and National Day (October), starting to lose their lustre? While leading to a massive increase in Chinese travellers, they also lead to bottlenecks and unsatiable levels of demand at popular tourism destinations.
  • Technode has an interesting piece on how China’s biggest tech giants (Alibaba, Tencent, as well as bike-sharing companies ofo and Mobike) are following Chinese travellers as they head abroad.

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