China Ready Now Round-Up (26 September 2017)

Welcome to this fortnight’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

Here are the 8 top stories I’ve been following.

  • Let’s start with social media. According to an Expedia study, Chinese travelers are by far the most likely group of travelers to be influenced by social media. 92% of Chinese travelers said social media influences their decision-making process. So, what are you doing on Chinese social media?
  • Some of the biggest users of Chinese social media are university students, and recently, Chinese students in Australia have been attracting a lot of attention, with most of it being negative. To digest all the issues, I’ve found these two articles the most helpful: Kirsty Needham in SMH and James Laurenceson in the Lowy Interpreter.
  • Of course, for the tourism industry, much like Australia’s education industry, it is important to not rely too heavily on China. Recent events in South Korea have shown that the Chinese government is not afraid to use economic coercion to achieve political outcomes. However, the result has been “a spectacular own goal by Beijing”. I personally don’t see a circumstance where something similar would occur here in Australia, but the point stands: China, while our largest tourism market, is but one of many growing markets, which are also worthy of attention.
  • Speaking of growing markets, the latest international visitor arrival statistics show double digit growth in holiday arrivals from Indonesia (35%), India (21%), Malaysia (20%), Canada (19%), USA (18%), Korea (17%) and Japan (16%). China just missed out on making the list.

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