Weekly Round-Up (10 April 2017)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

“It’s a market you absolutely need to serve”.

That’s the word from Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (paywall), talking last week about Chinese tourists and the airline’s plans for future growth through ferrying Chinese around Australia. Qantas and its subsidiary Jetstar control almost two-thirds of the domestic flight market, and Qantas’s domestic market makes almost twice as much profit as its international flights.

So it is a no-brainer to encourage Chinese visitors to explore more of Australia. Particularly given that most Chinese tourists currently only take two or three domestic flights while in Australia, and don’t generally disperse beyond the main attractions. Fortunately, Joyce knows that realising such a plan won’t happen overnight: “We’re happy to develop a route if it’s a new route and take a couple of years to make money.’’

Qantas plans to get more Chinese tourists exploring its domestic network

Joyce’s quote highlights an important point for all businesses – making the most of the China opportunity should be a long-term plan. This is especially true for tourism operators wanting to target Chinese independent tourists. The old adage “there is more than one way to skin a cat” definitely applies, and I know first-hand that it can be quite overwhelming working out where to focus your efforts, as Jing Daily’s recent article Why Targeting Chinese Independent Travelers Is Difficult for Tourism Businesses explains.

Fortunately, there is help out there. If you’re ready to take on the Chinese market like Qantas, get in touch with us for a free consultation today to see what we can do to assist.

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