Weekly Round-Up (11 July 2016)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up, highlighting all the exciting news happening in the Chinese outbound tourism space, within Australia and abroad. This week – arrivals from Greater China to Australia overtake Kiwis as our number one source of visitors for the first time, Australian hospitality company William Angliss invests in China and Chinese tourists overtake quaint English village. Let’s get into it!

Australian focus

  • Chinese tourist boom hits record high: Greater China has overtaken New Zealand for the first time as the number one source of visitors to Australia. 1.4 million visitors from China and Hong Kong visited Australia in the 12 months to May, an increase of 21% on the previous year. Chinese tourist numbers were just half that of New Zealand visitors only 4 years ago! (AAP)
  • How Australia can capitalise on Chinese tourism: As great as the latest arrival statistics are, Australia only receives 1.5% of Chinese outbound travellers. To succeed in attracting this market, Australia will need a more culturally sensitive approach than the catchy advertising of old (“where the bloody hell are ya?” does not translate well). As the authors note, “as Chinese travellers become more independent, Australia has opportunities to entice a proportion of them “off the beaten track” to engage with local culture and the environment as well as contributing to economic activities outside the main tourist centres.” (The Conversation)
    • OUR TAKE: While 21% year-on-year growth is fantastic, Australian tourism providers need to recognise that we should be aiming higher and planning for the future – every other country is competing for the China tourist market!
  • Australian Company William Angliss to establish new tourism and hospitality training facility in China:Victorian tourism and hospitality training provider William Angliss will establish a new training facility in China through a joint venture with the Tourism College of Zhejiang. The joint venture partners will also work together to provide new opportunities for cooperation on commercial tourism ventures. (Invest in Australia)
    • OUR TAKE: Great to see an Australia hospitality business investing in China and exporting Australia’s considerable experience and know-how in tourism. More Australian companies should follow their lead!

International focus

  • Chinese building giant joins China’s biggest tourism project in New Zealand: China’s biggest building company, China Construction, has signed a contract to build New Zealand’s first Park Hyatt hotel in Auckland. The project has been billed as China’s biggest-ever investment in New Zealand’s tourism infrastructure. (China Daily)
  • Airbnb shares optimism on China: AIrbnb launched in China in 2012, and since then, more than 2 million Chinese have used the service to travel abroad. China has become Airbnb’s fastest-growing market for outbound travel, surging by 500% year on year in 2015. This reflects the growing desire amongst Chinese millennials to experience more authentic local culture rather than just tick off tourist spots on a package tour. (Shanghai Daily)
  • Chinese tourists invade quiet English village, locals have no clue why: Probably the funniest Chinese tourism related story this week – the English village of Kidlington is reportedly receiving busloads of Chinese tourists every week, and no one knows why! (Shanghaiist)
Chinese tourists in the village of Kidlington pose for photos

Quick Stats

  • Over half a million Chinese have visited Australia already this year, an increase of 22% on the first 5 months of 2015 (link)
  • 52,000 more tourists visited Australia from Greater China than NZ over the past year (link)
  • Only 4% of Chinese own a passport, predicted to grow to 12% within the next 10 years (link)

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