Weekly Round-Up (23 January 2017)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

With Chinese New Year almost upon us, this week’s Round-Up is here just in time for some last-minute motivation to help get your business ready to receive a bumper-load of Chinese guests.

The past week has seen a plethora of articles about Chinese independent travel, the rising number of female and young Chinese tourists, tourism-focused marketing campaigns by China’s tech giants, and a few great stories on measures being adopted by specific businesses to tap into the Chinese tourist market.

But my favourite story is this one on Accor Hotels, the hotel chain which is now the choice of accommodation for one in eight Chinese visitors to Australia. So, how did they carve out such dominance of this market?

According to their director of sales, Kate Marshall, Accor has had a dedicated Chinese guest strategy since 2011. Of all the implementations under this strategy, the two most popular things with Chinese guests are including congee on breakfast buffets and leaving welcome kits translated in Mandarin in the room. Guess what? We can help with those welcome kits!

Marshall also notes the changing trends of Chinese tourists, who are choosing higher quality hotels, staying longer, and venturing out for more experiences. “Now the young ones want a more challenging experience – they want to go back to China with a bragging experience.”

So, how can your business create these bragging experiences and communicate them to a Chinese audience? Get in touch with us for a free consultation to find out how we can help!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Round-Up.

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