Weekly Round-Up (24 April 2017)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

“The reign of the Kiwis lasted 18 years, the Japanese perhaps a decade. The China incoming visitor ascendancy could remain intact for a generation into the future.”

That quote comes from none other than Australia’s resident smashed-avo connoisseur, Bernard Salt, writing in last Thursday’s Australian. He predicts that next month, the number of Chinese visitors to Australia will overtake New Zealand visitors to become our biggest source of arrivals. Salt notes that within a decade, the number of Chinese visitors coming to Australia could be more than two million, and raises the important question: What does the Australian tourism industry look like with double the number of Chinese visitors?

Given that Australia’s tourism industry is comprised of mostly small operators, we need more of these businesses to be ready to welcome Chinese customers so that the visitor load is spread more sustainably. These two million Chinese can’t all do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, that’s for sure! But how can small operators take advantage of the opportunities China presents while still focusing on the day-to-day of their businesses? I’d like to think that our packages are the ideal place to start – but hey, if you’ve got other ideas, then I’d love to hear them too!

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I hope you enjoy this week’s Round-Up.

Australia and New Zealand focus:

  • Rise in China visitors our chance to shine (paywall): Bernard Salt predicts that next month, the number of visitors to Australia from China will overtake the number of visitors from New Zealand for the first time. The ascendancy of Chinese tourists has been long predicted, however no-one thought it would happen so soon. Chinese visitors as our number one market will be the case for a long time to come.
  • China’s economy is slowing, but there is one sector booming: tourism: Michael Pascoe notes that more Chinese took their renminbi to Switzerland last year than Australia despite Switzerland being more expensive, further away and seriously deficient in spectacular coastline.
  • Bishop seeks to quell China tensions: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has talked up Australia’s ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’ with China weeks after diplomatic relations were tested by a dumped extradition treaty. Note the statement by Meng Jianzhu on Chinese tourists and students here.

International focus:

  • Q1 Rankings Reveal the Keys to Success for Travel Brands on WeChat: If WeChat is not part of your marketing strategy for China, then it should be. And if it is, then you should read this article by Dragon Trail to find out how the most successful travel brands use the app to attract Chinese customers.
  • What has Ctrip acquired in three years? Want to know the trends of Chinese tourism? Look no further than the acquisitions of China’s biggest travel company, Ctrip, over the last 3 years.
  • Switzerland targets China’s independent travelers: Switzerland’s number of Chinese overnight visitors fell 16% in the last twelve months, however it is not all bad news. The number of last-minute hotel bookings by Chinese rapidly increased, evidence of a trend to independent, spontenous travel by Chinese tourists who go as they please on Schengen visas.

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