Weekly Round-Up (8 August 2016)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Round-Up.

Last week, the South China Morning Post noted that in the wake of violent terrorism attacks in western Europe, Chinese tourists are choosing to holiday elsewhere. In France, the number of visas issued to Chinese has dropped 15% in the first six months of this year compared to 2015, and it is likely this will continue. In 2015, France was 3rd on the list of wishlist destinations of Chinese travellers. This year it has fallen to 9th place. This week there were also reports of Chinese tourists being teargassed and robbed as they head to Paris’s airport.

This highlights one the number one concern for Chinese tourists when heading abroad – safety.

Source: Hotels.com Chinese International Travel Monitor 2016

The focus on safety is also evident with the lack of Chinese tourists heading to Rio for the Olympic Games. According to China Daily, less than 3,000 Chinese will visit the Brazilian city for this month’s Olympics. While distance and cost may be significant barriers for many Chinese visitors, security concerns are largely to blame. And that’s not surprising – there are already reports that Chinese athletes and officials have been targets of robberies. China’s foreign ministry has told its citizens to exercise caution and to leave their jewellery, watches, backpacks and mobile phones at their hotel. Leave their phones at the hotel? That’s crazy talk to most Chinese tourists, who want to share their experiences instantaneously via social media with their friends and family back home.


Fortunately for Australia, our tourism industry does not have to deal with these types of concerns. The greatest worry Chinese have when they come to Australia is that they might be attacked by a shark. While the chances of such an attack are extremely unlikely, this highlights the importance of emphasising safety in all activities.

Sharks aside, Australia’s tourism industry could see an even greater percentage of Chinese tourists choosing to come here than previously forecast, given events abroad and our reputation as a safe destination. Australian tourism businesses need to be ready for them – and we can help!

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