Weekly Round-Up (16 January 2017)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up.

With Chinese New Year (CNY) just under 2 weeks away, there appears to have been a lull in stories about Chinese tourism in the Australian media. Perhaps that is a blessing because most of them say the same thing anyway! So in this week’s Round-Up, I thought I would share some interesting statistics with you from a recent report produced by Mafengwo (China’s TripAdvisor equivalent).

These insights, translated by DragonTrail, show an increasingly independent and mature Chinese market, and one that is very interested in Australia:

  • In 2015, free and independent travellers (FITs) made up 62.5% of all outbound Chinese travellers
  • Australia was the 8th most popular country for Chinese travellers to visit in 2016
  • Sydney was the 15th most visited city by Chinese outbound travellers, and one of only two long-haul destinations to feature in the top 15 (Los Angeles was 11th)
  • Average spend for Chinese travellers coming to Sydney was ¥18932 (approx. $3663 AUD)
  • The Great Barrier Reef ranked 10th on the Top 50 Wishlist Destinations for Chinese Travellers, with Sydney the only other Australian entry at 38th
  • On average, Chinese independent travellers compare 18 hotels before making a final booking
  • Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra was the most popular accommodation destination in 2016

For more insights, read the translated excerpts by DragonTrail here.

With CNY so close, now is a great time to go brush up on those Mandarin phrases we taught you last year, and make sure your business is ready for an increase in Chinese visitors over the next month. For any assistance, get in touch with us for a free consultation – we’re here to help!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Round-Up.

Australia and New Zealand focus:

  • Australia’s new hotel openings to dominate 2017 (paywall): Australia’s booming hotel sector is set for a massive injection of fresh supply this year with new hotels to open in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. Accordinging to CBRE Hotels, “there will be more new supply coming on board on a weekly basis in Australia than ever seen before.”
  • New Zealand Suffers Shortage of Skydiving Instructors as Chinese Adventure Travel Takes Off: As Chinese tourism is gradually shifting toward independent travel and more authentic experiences, niche tourism sectors such as ecotourism, adventure travel, and sports tourism hope to be next in line to benefit from China’s tourism boom. In New Zealand, booming demand for skydiving among Chinese visitors has led to a shortage of licensed skydiving instructors, and companies are struggling to meet the sudden rise in demand.

International focus:

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