Weekly Round-Up (9 January 2017)

Welcome to this week’s China Ready Now Round-Up, and Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve had a great start to the year, and are ready for big things in 2017! Particularly for the tourism industry, 2017 is set to be massive one.

For one thing, we are now in the “China-Australia Year of Tourism”. For more on what this means, have a read of the first article in today’s Round-Up. The end result will almost certainly be increased numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Australia. It is worth remembering that Australia currently only receives 1.5% of Chinese tourists going abroad, so there is plenty of opportunity to capture a larger slice of the pie.

A few of the other articles in this week’s Round-Up highlight the potential Australia has as a destination for Chinese visitors. Firstly, as a Chinese family I took on a tour of Manly in December noted, our clean air and blue skies are an irresistable drawcard. Particularly when your entire country has issued a red alarm for “fog” (smog), as China did on 4 January. Another attractive factor for Australia is our relative safety, and increasing number of direct flight options. Add in some friendly locals, great food and wine and amazing sights, and Australia is a great position to grow Chinese visitor numbers in this “Year of Tourism”.

But with Chinese New Year approaching (it starts on 27 January), you may need to re-think how you can better service your incoming Chinese guests’ needs. Will they need more translated signs to ensure they understand how your business operates? Or perhaps your unique story could be better communicated? For assistance with translating, marketing and practical advice on Chinese tourists, get in touch with us for a free consultation – we’re here to help!

We hope you enjoy this week’s Round-Up.

PS If you’re in Sydney on 5 February, make sure to register for the opening ceremony for the China-Australia Year of Tourism here. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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