We provide a full suite of services to help Australian tourism businesses get China-ready now.

From practical and tailored recommendations to translating and designing promotional collateral for a Chinese audience, we’re here to help tourism businesses develop and succeed with their China strategies.

Our competitively priced services and packages mean that any small and medium business can not only achieve, but exceed their Chinese marketing objectives.

Our services include:

  • Translation: Brochures, guides, maps, menus, information sheets – you name it, we’ll translate it and design it for a Chinese audience!
  • Reputation Management: Want to know what Chinese are saying about you? We’ll find out, and enhance your online reputation.
  • Tailored Advice: We provide practical advice on how you can ensure Chinese guests have a great experience and recommend you.
  • Market Research: Find out exactly which Chinese tourists you should be targeting, and how to market effectively to them.
  • Language Training: You don’t need to speak fluent Mandarin to welcome Chinese tourists – but a few phrases don’t go astray!
  • Chinese Social Media Training: WeChat, Weibo and more – we’ll teach you the basics so you can communicate with your guests and attract new ones.
  • Personalised Workshops: Learn more about China so that you can understand the needs and motivations of your Chinese guests.
  • Additional Services: We can also provide marketing advice, pre-China sales trip planning services, Mandarin-speaking staff and more!